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Life is shockingly restful at the moment, which means I've been writing up a storm. Barring cruel twists of fate I should be able to get on a regular (or at least semi-regular) posting schedule.

“He wants to join the Church?”

Luca knelt on the floor of his master's office. Boq's expression of bewilderment had Luca biting the inside of his cheek so not to snort with laughter.

“Yes, master,” he said, struggling to keep his voice even. “It is my lord's fondest wish to devote himself to the gods.”

Master Boq opened and closed his mouth several times. “But – what of his grandfather's position on the Council?”

“My lord has no interest in politics,” said Luca. “He yearns for a life of reflection and chastity as one of the Silent Brotherhood.”

“Huh.” Boq rubbed his chin. “And his lovers? Friends?”

Luca shook his head. “Books only, master. He spends all his time in study.”

“I was under the impression that the man is something of a Lothario,” said Boq doubtfully.

“That's all behind him now,” said Luca. “My lord has taken up amateur botany. He spoke very passionately on the subject of, um, rare orchid cultivation,” he added in a burst of inspiration.

Boq leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers his gut. “Well, well! My contacts will be very interested to hear all this. You've done well, little bird.”

Luca pressed a kiss to master's foot. “My only thought is to obey.”

“That's my good boy,” said Boq. He nudged Luca's chin up with the toe of his slipper. “Now. Take off your clothes.”

Luca stood, letting the cloth fall from his hips. Master Boq grabbed his waist and yanked him forward. He slobbered his mouth over Luca's stomach and up his chest, lapping at his nipples like a dog at its bowl. A meaty hand shoved between Luca's legs and a finger wormed inside him to the knuckle. Master Boq had not bothered to remove his rings. Luca swallowed a whimper.

“It's Wednesday,” said Master Boq, raising his head from Luca's tit. “Or had you forgetten?”

“No, master,” Luca said quickly. He tried to ignore the sharp, cold rings scraping his passage. “I've been yearning for my master's touch.” He leaned down, lips brushing against Master Boq's ear. “I've been hungry for my master's cock.”

Master Boq exhaled in a hiss. “Slut,” he said approvingly.

Your slut,” Luca said. “I'm your toy, your doll. Please take me.”

Master Boq pulled his finger out of Luca and brought it to Luca's mouth. Luca licked him clean without hesitation.

“Go prepare yourself,” said Boq. “You'll attend to me in my chamber.”

Luca worked quickly. He crouched over a basin of chilly water and flushed himself out before stretching his anus with two oiled fingers. The lavender scent was gone, but Luca still had a bottle of spicy perfume that made his nose itch and his eyes water. He dabbed the perfume behind his ears and over his shaved pubis, swallowing sneezes. Master Boq liked to hear the jangle of jewelry as a boy moved on top of him; Luca draped himself in necklaces and bangles and hung rhinestones from his ears. He smudged kohl around his eyes and carmine across his lips. Then he turned to look in the mirror.

Immediately he wanted to look away. He forced himself to stare level at the glass. Gaudy yellow hair and maggot-pale skin and eyes too big for his face, like an insect's. Ugly, Luca told himself. Old.

And a new word came to mind: Pathetic. Offering himself to Robert like that, as though he were a thing worth having. Small wonder Robert had pushed him away. He had been so patient with Luca, so kind, and Luca had repaid his mercy by all but forcing his hand down Robert's breeches. So stupid! Stupid whore, to think a man like Robert would degrade himself by taking what half the men in Lyonesse had already used. After all, Robert had seen him on stage. He knew what Luca was. Robert felt pity, maybe, some quaint, lingering affection. He couldn't despise Luca utterly, he still liked to kiss him after all; no doubt it amused him to see Luca so eager for it. Perhaps Robert wanted to keep him as a sort of pet.

Tears stung Luca's eyes. He blinked them away. Mustn't spoil his makeup.

Anyway, he told himself firmly, he should be thankful Robert tolerated him for any reason – wretched, foul thing that he was. If Robert wanted a pet then Luca would lick his hand and wag his tail and never, ever forget how lucky he was. It wouldn't be so bad, to be Robert's pet.  Luca allowed himself to imagine it: afternoons spent on Robert's lap, eating real food and reading books he didn't have to fuck the overseer for. It would be wonderful.

Luca shook himself. It did no good to think like this. His master was waiting.

Master Boq's chamber was the largest room in the Harlequin. With the walls upholstered in plummy velvet and the high domed ceiling adorned with a fresco of angels, it looked more like a temple than a bedroom. Master Boq lounged on an oversized bed blanketed in wine-colored silks. He wore a yellow robe that didn't close over his belly. An opera warbled softly from the gramophone; Boq moved his glass in time to the music, as though conducting an unseen orchestra.

“Very nice,” said Master Boq when Luca entered. “What a sight you are, my dear!”

Luca preened in the way his master liked, running his hands over his body, between his legs, and pouting his lips in a smile. Master Boq opened his robe, pushing aside the overhang of paunch to reveal his thickening penis.

“I want your mouth, boy,” Master Boq said, voice husky with arousal.

Luca climbed up onto the bed. So soft! It made the bed in High Parlor feel like a straw-stuffed pallet by compare. Luca crawled across the cushioned expanse, careful to keep his body lower than his master's. When he reached Master Boq's feet he kissed them; then, trying not to shudder, he sucked each pungent toe until his master sighed with pleasure. Luca kissed his way up Master Boq's thighs, kneading and stroking the dimpled flesh. By the time he reached his master's cock it was fully erect.

Luca took the crown between his lips, running his tongue along the veined ridge. He relaxed his throat and sucked his master's cock in deep, until his nose and forehead were pressed against Boq's lower belly. A hand clamped on the back of Luca's neck, trying to force him down. The bulk of fat prevented it. Even suffocating as Luca was, he could go no further. He told himself not to panic, chest convulsing for want of oxygen.

“Lazy bitch,” Master Boq muttered. But the hand withdrew.

Luca could breathe through his nose now. He tried to suck eagerly, caressing the shaft with his tongue and the wet ring of his lips. He rolled his master's balls in his palm; then, encouraged by Boq's hiss of pleasure, took each hairy bollock into his mouth. Master Boq's thighs squeezed tight around his ears, trapping him there with his face buried in the man's sweaty crotch.

After a small eternity Boq relaxed his legs. Luca bobbed up, lapping beads of precum from the fold of his master's foreskin. Master Boq pulled him back by the hair.

“I'll have your arse now.”

Luca sat up on his haunches. He threw a leg over Master Boq's thigh, half-straddling him; then, at Master Boq's direction, turned so that his back was to his master. He took the spit-wet cock in hand and angled his hips so that the head entered him easily. He sank down, tightening his anus around the shaft as it slid inside. When he was speared completely Luca leaned forward, palms against the bed for leverage. He began to move, shallowly at first, then picking up the pace as Master Boq urged him faster, faster.

Luca preferred it when the men used him in this position. They couldn't thrust into him at the wrong, bruising angles that the Beast favored, and best of all, Luca didn't have to look at them. It was a relief to let his face empty of expression. Luca fucked himself on his master's cock and thought of Robert's book. A comedy, Robert said. Luca didn't think he'd ever read a comedy before. What if he didn't know when to laugh? He would have to read very carefully so that he could give Robert's gift the appreciation it deserved.

Master Boq growled a curse, fingers tightening around Luca's waist. Close, then. Luca arched his back and clenched around the cock inside him. He reached back to stroke the tight sac of his master's balls. That was all it took. Master Boq bucked his hips and came with a wail not unlike the castrato singing on the gramophone.

Luca held position until Master Boq smacked his buttock. He summoned a smile before turning to face his master. Boq lay sprawled, panting as though he had ridden Luca like a stallion and not simply lounged on the soft bed while his slave did all the work. Instead of the appropriate feelings of gratitude and humility, Luca found himself gritting his teeth against a twinge of...resentment?

No, that couldn't be right. He was glad to be used. He was glad. He was.

Of course, a demonstration was required. Luca knelt over Master Boq and let his hair sweep across the man's sticky groin.

“Did your slave please you, master?” Luca purred.

Master Boq chuckled. He caught a handful of Luca's curls and pulled him closer. “Oh yes, pretty one,” he said throatily. “Sweet barbarian whore.”

Luca ran his fingers through the matted fur on Master Boq's chest, laying a kiss on each nipple. Boq hummed tunelessly. His hand quested down to grope between Luca's leg, and he smirked in satisfaction when he felt the dribble of fresh cum between Luca's arsecheeks.

“Do you suck the lord as well as you do me?” he asked Luca conversationally.

A trick question. “It is for my master to judge my skill,” said Luca.

“Good boy,” Master Boq chuckled. “Alas, it will be a good while before his lordship can enjoy your mouth again. He was dreadfully eager to return to your bed—Immediately or sooner, he told me.”  Boq winked, impish. “Of course I could not book him for another three days.”

“So long,” said Luca without thinking.

“I plan to heighten his anticipation. Like a fisherman with a choice piece of of bait on his hook.” Boq pushed a finger into Luca's hole and crooked it, mimed tugging on a line.

“My master is so clever,” Luca whispered. He thought of three days without Robert and wanted to cry.

“The Councilor has offered me a small fortune for you,” said Boq, idly thrusting his finger in and out. “But young Lord d'Argent's purse must be nearly bottomless. His grandfather is one of the wealthiest men in the Isles, and the boy is quite zealous for your purchase. I do believe he is smitten.”

Master Boq grinned mockingly, inviting Luca to share in his gloating. Luca forced himself to smile. The corners of his mouth felt as though they would crack.

“By the time I'm ready to sell he'll be begging to pay any price I name.” Master Boq worked a second finger into Luca. “In the meantime you'll keep the Councilor interested. A bidding war requires two parties, after all.”

Luca's stomach lurched. “I – I'm sorry master, I'm so terribly stupid, but I thought – I thought my lord had paid the protection fee?”

“Well, they won't be allowed to mark you, of course,” said Master Boq, as though it were obvious. “The Councilor has assured me that there are many ways he and his slave can take their pleasure without leaving a trace. What Lord d'Argent doesn't know won't hurt him.” Boq scissored his fingers inside Luca. “Isn't that right?”

Luca cast his eyes down and nodded.

“Then again,” Master Boq continued, “I can always give your appointments with the Councilor to that surly page of yours—”

“Oh, don't!” Luca blurted out. “I'll please the Councilor, I'll be good, I swear it!”

Master Boq smiled indulgently. “Of course you will,” he said, pulling his fingers out. He shoved Luca's head down towards his prick. “Now suck me.”

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