Jan. 13th, 2011

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In which mythology is explained and sex happens.




I’m going to tell you about Ganymene and Melchior. )

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My name is Augusta, and I am an incredibly flakey individual. In an attempt to become a Responsible Adult Type Person I am exerting myself enormously in order to develop some degree of forethought and accountability, because I'm twenty years old now, damnit, which is, to quote my own character, practically thirty, which is practically dead.

In an effort to behave like a Responsible Adult Type Person, I've actually written at least three chapters ahead of what I've been posting. My life is prone to chaos and minor disaster, so at least this way if something comes up which prevents me from writing the lovely people who read my story won't start shaking pitchforks in my general direction. The next chapter I'm going to begin working on (that's Chapter 8) is the Grand Reunion Scene, which is giving me a bad case of the butterflies--and for good reason, since it's a fairly pivotal emotional crescendo for all involved.

I tell you this not only because, as any Responsible Adult Type Person will tell you, declaring a resolution results in greater dedication to that goal, but also because I've left my readers hanging in a major way before, and I want to reassure you that even if I get polio, or my apartment floods, or my cat dies, I will get myself to my laptop, battling my way through many inches of freezing water and dragging my paralysed legs behind me, all while weeping for my deceased familiar, and post the damn Grand Reunion Scene already.

Pinky swear.


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