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This chapter has pretty much all the warnings: graphic rape, humiliation, and physical and psychological torture. If this isn't your cup o' tea, you can probably just read the beginning and skim for major plot developments without missing anything.

(Seriously, I am not kidding around with these warnings. Read at your own risk.)


“Are they done yet? Are they?” )
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Life is shockingly restful at the moment, which means I've been writing up a storm. Barring cruel twists of fate I should be able to get on a regular (or at least semi-regular) posting schedule.

“He wants to join the Church?” )

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I graduated from college five days ago. This means I am now a proud recipient of the most useless degree in the world (seriously, there's even a song about it). I'm putting off the arduous task of applying for PhD programs for a year, so hopefully I can begin posting more regular updates of TGB. This should really be the first part of a chapter, but it's been waaay too long since I last posted. (Sorry about that.) So here it is anyway.


The door closed behind Robert. )
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The Grand Reunion Chapter that I've written and rewritten, oh, about a hundred billion times. Hope you enjoy. *bites nails*







In the dream Luca flies like a bird over the mountains. )
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“What did you do!” )

A/N: This would have been posted an hour ago, but LiveJournal decided that it would be fun to get rid of all my formatting. I had to go through adding line breaks after every paragraph so that I didn't end up with the dreaded wall of text. Sigh.
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In which mythology is explained and sex happens.




I’m going to tell you about Ganymene and Melchior. )

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Realizing that, no, it is not RIGHT nor NORMAL for chapters to go on for upwards of 35 pages, I've split the remainder of Chapter 2 into a whole new entity. So this is what's left of Chapter 2 -- about 2000 words. Not really enough to merit a whole second part, but such is the way of life and LJ formatting. Enjoy!


Chapter 2 Part II )

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The second chapter is running way too long (20 Word pages and counting), so I've decided to split it in two in order to save my readers an undue amount of scrolling. Unbeta'd; I've been over and over and over it myself. Tell me if you catch anything. As always, Luca's voice gives me trouble, so forgive me if it's hard going. We're still getting to know each other, he and I.


The God and the Satyr

Every boy-brothel in Paradiso had an altar for the whore god. )
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