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Chapter 16 is finished! I'll put it up on Friday.

In other news, it's spring. My cat is taking advantage of the season to terrorize the field mice that dare to venture out of the basement. Whenever she hears a bird singing outside she looks thwarted. It's adorable until I remember this infographic and realize that my fat, fluffy darling is actually a ruthless serial killer.

At least the chihuahua is harmless.


Date: 2013-03-13 10:12 pm (UTC)
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first, the link is hi-la-ri-ous! XDDD - usually, statistics and stuff *eek*, but this one was priceless down to the last %. thx for the link ^^

then.. i have my own a army of cats. the place is colonized by them, and i'm their humble slave XD.
- where we lived before, our dwelling was on the 5th floor, the meoows had to walk 5 stories down/up to/from the garden. i can tell you, 5 stories full of black feathers is a pain to clean...
- then there was this mouse, she was standing on her hind legs, like on the 2nd floor. facing her, my killer queen. i shouted to the mouse to jump down in the empty space between the flights of steps - if she survived the jump, she'd escape. funny is, the mouse did. but shit outta luck, another killer was waiting downstairs
- and the bat.. they brought something home, i could make out "it" was still alive. a cute little bat. so i freed it from one of my killers' fangs & claws, and put it out. next evening, guess who had flown back into the flat? i finally let suicide bat deal with its fate..

since we came here, a coupla' mice had an early meeting with their creator, but nothing spectacular, just a mess. the worst i've seen was a lizard i adored - and for once my killers were innocent. the mini dragon drowned all by itself in an empty potter full of rain T_T

Date: 2013-03-15 08:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I laughed so hard reading this. Our cats are badasses!


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